Delivery Lead Time

Thanks for shopping with Focus Global Inc! We work with our exclusive delivery partner, Entrego and Transportify, to ensure that we service as many of our customers inside the Philippines as possible.

Please note that Mattresses, Box Springs and Head Boards are only available for online checkout and delivery in Metro Manila cities. Please schedule an appointment for outside of Metro Manila deliveries. Can we insert a link for Calendly here?
Pillows follow the Delivery Lead Times below.

You can see the full list of Serviceable Areas below with their respective Delivery Lead Times. Please note that the Delivery Lead Times only count working business days, not including Sundays and not including holidays.

Orders that meet both factors below are considered as bulky orders and will have an additional 2 days to get delivered from the original timeline above.

  • One side is more than 50cm
  • Weight is more than 50kg

Email us at if you have further questions!